Week 4: Abstracts, Annotations, and Deep Reading

With the literacy narrative behind us, we’re ready to move fully into our next big project: the annotated bibliography, which will prepare us to write excellent research papers.

  • On Monday, I will introduce the four additional articles we will read for the annotated bibliography assignment, and we will discuss how to summarize the key points of an article. Please read pages 111–124 in the Norton Field Guide before you come to class and bring your book with you. You should also bring your copies of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” and “Our Cluttered Minds.”
  • On Wednesday, we will discuss reading strategies and explore the differences between reading for pleasure and reading for research. Please read pages 352–366 in the Norton Field Guide before you come to class. [Update: Please also read "Does the Internet Make You Smarter?" by Clay Shirky (linked on the Readings page).]
  • On Friday, we will conduct an in-class group analysis activity. I’ll explain more about this activity on Monday and Wednesday, but the important thing is that you come to class in a debating mood. [Update: Please read "Attached to Technology and Paying a Price," by Matt Richtel (linked on the Readings page).]

Finally, two quick reminders: First, if you didn’t name the file for literacy narrative correctly in Google Docs, or if you didn’t set up the sharing permissions correctly, please fix your document as soon as possible. Your file should be named “Full Name – Literacy Narrative,” and it should be shared only with email hidden; JavaScript is required. Second, if you haven’t been keeping up with the readings (especially the articles by Carr and Lehrer that we discussed in class today), please make some time this weekend to catch up. These articles will serve as the basis for the annotated bibliography assignment, so you need to be very familiar with them.

If you have any questions about these plans, or about anything else related to FSTY 1311, please leave a comment on this post or send me an email.

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