Week 5: Summarizing, Formatting, and Streamlining

I hope you enjoyed our class debate today as much as I did. I love seeing so many minds working so hard all at once! By now, you’ve probably come to the realization that summarizing and analyzing complex articles is no easy task. Our reading quiz on Wednesday and our journal assignment today made it clear to me that we still have a ways to go when it comes to reading deeply. We will keep working on these skills over the next few weeks as the Annotated Bibliography assignment continues, and I’m confident that these exercises will help you write more effective bibliography entries.

Next week, we will read the last two articles for the Annotated Bibliography, then focus on pulling everything together into proper bibliography format.

  • On Monday, we will continue our discussion about how to write effective summaries. Please read pages 408–419 in the Norton Field Guide before you come to class. In addition, you should print, read, and be ready to discuss “Mind Over Mass Media,” by Steven Pinker (linked on the Readings page.)
  • On Wednesday, we will review MLA guidelines for formatting our bibliography entries. Please read pages 425–440 in the Norton Field Guide before you come to class. You should also print, read, and be ready to discuss “The Internet Won’t Damage Your Brain—But it Might Ruin Your Life,” by Dave Pell (linked on the Readings page.)
  • On Friday, we will discuss some strategies for organizing electronic files and using digital resources to streamline the research and writing processes. If you have a laptop computer, please bring it with you to class. In addition, please read pages 230–234 and review pages 235–241 in the Norton Field Guide.

Last but not least, you need to meet with Carl sometime during Week 5 to review one (or more) of your entries for the Annotated Bibliography assignment. Carl will contact you with the times he is available to meet, and you should come to your meeting with a finished draft of your entry. If you would like to meet with me after you’ve met with Carl, I am always happy to see you during my office hours!

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